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Welcome to Diversity

Our panel & community are designed as a platform where YOU can engage with brands and public sector organizations and help them decide about their products and services. You can also interact with other members on our community platform.

As a member of our panel & community, you will participate in a wide range of surveys where you can express your thoughts and ideas in a language you feel comfortable with. This is what we call a democratic and diversity-forward panel!

By participating in our studies, you have a voice in commercial and public decision-making and, this way, an opportunity to shape the future.



Our panel reflects the cultural and social diversity in Sweden. It is a forum where our panel members voice their opinions by participating in surveys with different topics and get rewarded.


The main goal of our community is to be a helpful resource and sharing centre. Our community is a platform where our panel members can interact with each other, discuss their shared interests, and engage in current matters and events.

How Does It Work? 

Join our panel

With just a few clicks, you can become a member of the most diverse research panel in Sweden. 

When you register, you will need to enter your email address, age, gender, location and language.

All information and surveys are in several languages. When participating in our surveys, you can choose in which language you prefer to answer.


Our surveys are easily accessible and flexible. They usually take a couple of minutes, and you can answer when it suits you. All studies are mobile-friendly, easy to answer, and multilanguage.

By participating, you have the chance to voice your opinion and shape the future.

We cover a great variety of subjects and studies, so it is never dull.

Get rewarded

You get points for each survey you take. The number of points is according to the survey length. The more active you are in participating in surveys, the more points you get.

Once you’ve reached 99 points you can redeem them and get GoGift vouchers. 99 points equals a gift voucher worth SEK 99.


These gift vouchers can be used in over 100 stores, for events/activities and you can also use them for donating to charity.


A Diverse Panel Promoting Inclusion

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